Txema Retana - Global Arch

Txema Retana
General Director

Industrial Designer specialised in Interior Design and Project Direction and Management. Since 1996 he has developed professionally in the Creation, Direction and Execution of projects in the restaurant, hospitality and leisure sector. In 2009 he takes on the General Direction of all projects at Global.

Jabier Lekuona
Main Architect

Architect specialised in Urbanism. The work he has developed and executed has a clear focus on the quality and singularity of each one of his projects and proposals.

Carmen Hidalgo - Global Arch

Carmen Hidalgo
Commercial Director

Licensed in Law from the UAB, with an MBA from EADA. She has been responsible for the Commercial Department at Global, both nationally and internationally, since its creation in 2009.

Miquel Bardisa - Global Arch

Miquel Bardisa
Creative Director

Interior Designer specialised in artistic and creative direction, he defines the style of Global’s projects. He is a member of the International Federation of Interior Architects (IFI)